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ImageTutorials! When you hear the word tutorial you think of a “how to”- instructions- learning how to do something. This also applies to writing, you know. Writing is an art- something you must learn how to do well (unless you never want to sell anything and have your name smattered about as a horrific novelist.) If that is the goal then by all means stop reading and shut the computer down. If you don’t care to be smattered then click the link below to find some of Writer’s Digests great tutorials on writing. They won’t disappoint!




reading-in-a-chair-496x640rosesCarrie Hill - Storybook Mural, Birmingham Public Library

“Once upon a time…”

We are never to begin our stories this way. How about “It was a dark and stormy night…”

That’s a “no-no” too. I find it interesting- the way the literary industry changes as time passes, truly an illustration of how we as human beings evolve. What pleased us once is now boring or unsatisfying. This is especially true with entertainment, don’t you think?

Now do not fret. I have not been hacked by a deep thinking philosophy professor. I believe what I am actually doing here is bone picking humanity. GRIN. I can do this because I too am a human being (though some may occassionally argue this nugget of info).

 We are so demanding now, aren’t we? Instant gratification is normal and expected. We can no longer begin a book with a prologue. We must start with action or intensity, begging questions and hooking the reader.

I live in this day and age and remain guilty of the same behavior that I bash. But I don’t think it would hurt me to slooowwww down occasionally- take a breath, smell the roses (though I don’t right off the bat know where to find any roses at the moment) or read a classic that “drones on” in prologue or character description. Maybe just maybe we are a bit too hyped up on caffeine and action.

Now…go find a cozy chair and a hot cup of coff…I mean herbal tea…and read Gone with the Wind or Pride and Prejudice. I want a report of your less stressed, newly relaxed persona when you are done.






“Once upon a time…”We are never to begin


Katie Sutherland has a plan—an Amazing Plan—and no sweatpants-wearing cheapskate pervert (or any other string of adjectives describing the list of men who have been on her dating docket) is going to keep her from accomplishing it. When Jared Stone comes to town in all his beef-cakey SWAT-man glory, everyone is convinced he’s The One for Katie. Everyone but Katie. So, when Katie is offered an internship in England working for entrepreneur—make that, hot entrepreneur, Lucas Hayden, she jumps at the opportunity to get far away from the unwelcome romantic pressure. If Katie thought living in England was going to be anything like an uneventful BBC special, boy, was she mistaken. When Lucas insists she attend a high-society ball, wearing a borrowed diamond pendant that’s way too big to be real, Katie knows she’s way out of her rugged Colorado element. Not only that, but her borrowed diamond is not only real, but rare, and there’s more than one status-stalker salivating to get their hands around Katie’s neck. Between watching her back, fighting a raging crush for her new employer, and trying to determine if Jared really is The One, Katie doesn’t know how she’ll survive the summer. If she does, it just might mean she’ll have to embrace a change of plan. Even an Amazing One.

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