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Top Ten Chick Lit…According to Me


I don’t claim to be an expert book reviewer. In fact, if I had to wager a guess, I bet one would consider me a crap reviewer. If I like a book this would be my review:

“This book hurdled my short attention span and kept me entertained.”

So with that in mind, here is a list of chick lit books that would make my review list.

  1. Miss Impractical Pants (I just had to give myself a shameless plug)
  2. The Bridget Jones Empire

  3.  The Kinsella Collection

  1. Millie’s Fling by Jill Mansell
  2. The Little Lady Agency by Hester Browne
  3. A Rather Lovely Inheritance by C.A. Belmond
  1. Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes by Denise Grover Swank
  1. Body Mover Series by Stephanie Bond

Yes I’ve read them all, and yes I’m still waiting for number 7

  1. Maybe Baby by Lani Diane Rich

There you go, my top-ten—top, only because that’s what came to mind while writing this blog.  I’m sorry (kind of), I didn’t give book teasers, but thinking of ten-ish books that fit my stringent review was brutal work. I did, however, link them to their Amazon pages, just because that’s the kind of gal I am.

Say what? There’s only nine listed? Oh, That’s because number ten is so special it warrants its own post. Stay tuned.

Whatever You Call It, It’s Still Chick Lit


When people ask me what kind of book I’ve written, I want to look them in the eye and give a straight answer.  But I don’t. I think about telling them contemporary women’s fiction, but I’m not that pretentious.  I could say romance, but my mind automatically leaps over all the sub-genres and straight to disheveled, scantily clad women doing shocking things with maverick-y men.  Fiction is too general, as is humor, and love story seems a little too sappy.

There is a name for what I’ve written—it’s called chick lit.  Clever, huh?  Like chick-flick only in book format.  Clever, but unfortunately, among some agents and publishers it’s not the most well-received genus of book. Which is why a chick lit author might be tempted to classify their work as something other than chick lit. Sad, because there was a time when Bridget Jones and her diary, and shopaholic, Becky Bloomwood, pioneered the genre into prominence.  Now, some say the genre has run its course, and the word has even become taboo in some literary circles. Bummer, seeing as how I’ve currently penned one and a half books of pure chick lit, and have a dozen others tucked away in the ol’ noggin.

But I’m not running scared. Despite what some may say, chick lit is still in demand. Just ask anyone who enjoys a good rom-com movie. As long as there are still websites dedicated to chick lit, (chicklitbooks.com and chicklitclub.com, for example) authors, like me, can still hold their heads up high.  We just need to remind the cynics that romance and laughter still go hand in hand.

Which is why I’ll be dedicating my next few blog posts to the greatness that is chic lit.  Get ready to be become a fan if you’re not one already.

Press the Like Button and Like The Crap Out Of Me?


Okay, all you ten or twelve people out there reading this blog, this is my shameless cry for help. I need to get more exposure for my ebook on Amazon.  More exposure means more sales, more sales means closer to retirement, retirement means more time to write more books.  So, if you enjoy my writing, helping me out with this Amazon thing will be mutually beneficial.

Here’s what I need you do to (whoa, look at me go, wearing my assertive pants), log on to Amazon.com, find my book, Miss Impractical Pants, you can search by title or the Author name, Katie Thayne.  Then I want you to like the crap out of me.

Doing any (preferably all) of the following would be extremely helpful:

  • Click the like button by the title
  • Review the book
  • Read (or skim) the other reviews and click the yes button if the review was helpful.  It would be extremely useful if you happened to find all the reviews helpful.
  • Scroll down below the reviews to the section that says ‘Tags customers associated with this item’, and either select the some of the existing tags or create your own. You can have up to fifteen tags so don’t be shy, click away.
  •  If you happen to be a zealous book reviewer, you can link my book page to other book reviews you feel might be appropriate.
  • You can also comment on other customer reviews to get some dialogue going.
  • If you’re really getting into the help Katie Thayne become a bestselling author campaign, you could also post the book link on your Facebook page, and give it a big shout out.
  • Even sharing this cry for help on your Facebook page couldn’t hurt any.

All this can be done for both the Kindle and the paperback version. So if you have some time to kill, I’d really appreciate your help.


Fact vs. Fiction


People are often asking me if my book, Miss Impractical Pants, is based on real life. Only the way it’s generally phrased is, “Did you really do that?” or “That didn’t really happen did it?” or the most common,“You are so totally Katie Sutherland (the main character).” Not a question, but requires a response nonetheless.

My staple answer is; Of course not, my book is completely fiction.

But nobody’s buying that answer, so here’s the truth on what is real and what is fiction:

  • Katie Thayne– Fiction—though we share a few similarities, such as:
    • Katie’s less than stellar dating stories- sadly, all true and all mine
    • Yes, I was a Realtor, and a traveler in my heyday.  I was a late bloomer academically and did eventually graduate with a tourism degree.  I did do an internship in England, and was taken in by the most lovable and wacky (in the best way possible) English family.

—       Here’s where Katie and I differ:

  • I wasn’t raised by a Hollywood diva, and my parents didn’t abandon me to live in Australia—Ha! Just try to get my mother off this continent, I dare you. I’ve never worn a tiara, real or otherwise. I can only dream of finding that magical gown that makes me thinner and taller. I’ve never, ever kissed, nor had a crush on any of my employers.  And all the stuff that happens at the end of the book—that’s never happened to me either.
  • The rest of the characters– Fiction—mostly.
    • One might detect some splashes of my friend April in the character Anna. But the rest of the American cast is 100% fiction. Oh, except Jared Stone, who may or may not be inspired by the FBI agent, the state trooper, and the bounty hunter (so he claimed) I’ve had the privilege of dating—not, all at the same time of course, and it was only one, sort-of, never to be repeated, even if he were the last bounty hunter on earth, date with the bounty hunter.

—       The British characters– I used a little more inspiration there.

  • Remember that wacky British family that took me in?  They’re hilarious and unpredictable like the character Lottie, and loving and fiercely supportive like Sidney. The character, Avery Scott, is a very, very loose interpretation of my Aunt Kathy—mostly the witty, loving, foot stuck in on two continents part, definitely not the portly, blustery, old man part.
  • Lucas— sigh—I’m not acquainted with anyone like him. He’s just a figment of my Jane Austen, chick-flick induced imagination. Same goes for Olivia, Andrew, and Lady Waverly.

Well, I think that about covers it.  If there’s anything I haven’t covered, that still niggles at your mind let me know.



Katie Sutherland has a plan—an Amazing Plan—and no sweatpants-wearing cheapskate pervert (or any other string of adjectives describing the list of men who have been on her dating docket) is going to keep her from accomplishing it. When Jared Stone comes to town in all his beef-cakey SWAT-man glory, everyone is convinced he’s The One for Katie. Everyone but Katie. So, when Katie is offered an internship in England working for entrepreneur—make that, hot entrepreneur, Lucas Hayden, she jumps at the opportunity to get far away from the unwelcome romantic pressure. If Katie thought living in England was going to be anything like an uneventful BBC special, boy, was she mistaken. When Lucas insists she attend a high-society ball, wearing a borrowed diamond pendant that’s way too big to be real, Katie knows she’s way out of her rugged Colorado element. Not only that, but her borrowed diamond is not only real, but rare, and there’s more than one status-stalker salivating to get their hands around Katie’s neck. Between watching her back, fighting a raging crush for her new employer, and trying to determine if Jared really is The One, Katie doesn’t know how she’ll survive the summer. If she does, it just might mean she’ll have to embrace a change of plan. Even an Amazing One.

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Miss Impractical Pants

Hello world!


Okay, so here goes my first ever blog as, author, Katie Thayne. And actually my first ever blog as my other, and real self, Jamie Pearce.  Who would have thought one person with two personas could be so behind the times?Though I love to write, I’m not so sure how I’ll take to this blogging stuff.  But here goes nothing.

Ever since I made the big announcement and posted my book, Miss Impractical Pants, on sale through Amazon.com, I’ve been barraged (okay, maybe not exactly barraged) with all kinds of questions.  I figured the best way to get anyone who is craving answers–umm, answers—would be to become a blogger.  That, and I’ve been counseled that all fledgling authors need to become immersed in all this social media business (though I’m digging my heels in when it comes to Twitter-talk about scary!).  I don’t think I’ll ever become immersed, but I’m giving it a shot.

Seeing as how I’m new to being an author and a blogger I’ll do my best to keep all my—what are people who read other people’s blogs called…followers, readers, masochists, saints, or in my case, family—updated on how the whole publishing, and life in general things go for a clueless author.   If nothing else, I’ll do my best to keep you entertained.

‘Til next time followers, readers, masochists, saints, and family,

Katie Thayne

P.S. Did I mention that I’m sans editor for this blogging venture, and that I’m a crap punctuator?  Did you know that punctuator is a word?  Who knew? That’s why writing is so cool; you stumble upon made-up real words all the time!

Katie Thayne