What is New Adult Fiction?



It’s an up and coming genre!…Well, actually it is already here and has been for a while. But it has taken a bit to get recognized and acknowledged with book stores, libraries and even agencies and publishers. But not so any more! There are big name agents out there who are specifically requesting to see New Adult fiction! 

What is New Adult fiction, you ask? New Adult is a category that falls between Young Adult and Adult Fiction. The characters are usually college bound, in college or in the age group of 18-25. There are several New Adult novels out there and you could be writing them! If you have the means, here is an ultra fab boot camp geared toward this particular category!!


Finding You’re Inspiration


I live in Moab, Utah. Enough said.

Okay, maybe I need to elaborate a little bit. If you don’t know anything about Moab or the Southern Utah area I am just sad for you. It is magical. I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth- I mean, look at the landscape above this post…or below this paragraph! It’s like a Hollywood movie creation! (Actually, several films have been made here because of it’s fabulousness).


My point- inspiration for writing is everywhere. I am lucky to be able to look out my window and be inspired by the above photo. But inspiration can come from far lesser things. It can come from a person you see on the street. A small stream you drove by at some point, or an odd object you saw in a museum…or in your kitchen sink…don’t ask.

So today, while you’re out and about, take a look around. Notice some things that you may have missed had you not been paying attention. And if you find a strange object in your kitchen sink, consider calling the authorities before you get too inspired…I said don’t ask!!

Listen Up Folks!


Katie Thayne

Okay, this is SO important. No kidding around here! (Well…I might a little…) but when you are looking for an agent to represent your work it is crucial that you write a catchy query letter- no, I don’t mean  be snarky and suave. I mean do your research and learn what to include in the letter and what NOT to include.

Did you know there are several things that will make an agent hit “delete” and move on to the next query? Wouldn’t you like to know what those are so you can avoid them? This link will take you to a reputable source who will teach you the ins and outs of writing that letter and doing it well. Check it out!


A Change of Pace?



Personal essay writing. Hmm. I saw this and thought to myself ‘isn’t this something I put behind me when I graduated college? Who write personal essays in the real world?’ (Yes, sometimes I am this dim).

You see, I focus on fiction, creating stories and wild eyed adventure, not my perspective on aspects of life. But hey, maybe this kind of thing is right up your alley! If so, why not polish your essay enthusiasm with a workshop from the pros? Here is a six week course on this very type of writing!


Words of Encouragement



Sometimes writing will make you want to pull your hair out. It will scramble your life, isolate you from your pals and fam, and even your own sanity! It’s true! Creating something isn’t an easy thing to do, and that’s what writing a novel is all about- creating something. 

If you are deep in the caverns of writerly stress, take a step back for a bit. Go do something else. Clear your head.But I think the most important thing to do is to remember why you started writing in the first place…because it is fun. One author once said that if it stops being fun, that’s when it’s time to throw in the towel. We begin writing stories because we love to do it and that is the space you need to return to if you want to clear the negativity and pressure that comes from meeting a deadline or pleasing the world with your words.

If you’re stuck- write for YOU. You will be surprised at how the story begins to flow once more.

How to Use Your Tax Refund



Don’t you love it when tax season arrives and all the local and national businesses tell you to come spend your refund at their establishment? Some common examples are furniture stores or home improvement places. Even surgical centers. “Come get that laser eye surgery done” or “Don’t put it off any longer! ‘Free Lipo with breast augmentation’ sale going on now!” (Personally, I don’t want a bogo surgeon anywhere near my boobs. Just my own thoughts). 

These are all fine and good if you want someone else telling you how to spend the money you have slated for a fabulous and overdue vacation. Tell them all to take a hike! You’re going vacation! To a city that will be hosting a writing conference at the same time!!

Writer’s Digest is having a conference in NYC this August with lots of great industry folks and info. 





If you went ahead and started reading this anyway in spite of the title- first of all, good for you!! Second- the flower has nothing to do with anything. It’s orange, and orange grabs attention. Third- here is your assignment:

Write five “first sentences” for a new novel. It doesn’t matter what it is about. the idea is to see if you are learning or have learned how to hook a reader from the beginning. Try to make it unique or even a little off kilter. Disturbing is always good, but not too disturbing unless you are targeting a small audience of sociopaths…which…don’t.

Let it involve something that will tie into your story later as an integral part, or something a reader won’t expect to see in line one. This is a good exercise, and who knows…it may very well spark a novel!