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Ooooh! Now here’s a great little nugget!



Yes, this is short and sweet today. But don’t we all wonder this when querying? I totally do!! While some agents are happy to reject your work via email one hour after you send it to them, many agents take months to respond! Some never respond! Now, give them a little bit of a break. They get a gazillion queries a day. But how great is it that we have a little guide below to let us know when it’s okay to bug them! Take a gander!

More Homework??



Okay, so I know I’ve been pushing homework a lot lately. Stop whining. I’m helping. These are really good resources for you! Conferences can be pricey, so online webinars are a good alternative and you can always trust the info you’re getting from WD. Are you working on Middle Grade? Check this one out!

This is not a competition!



I hear this so often in writing circles, articles, even at writing conferences. Writers who put down other writers. I know, right?? 

This is a thing! When I first started writing I was so consumed with my own work I really didn’t give much thought to what might be going on with other writers around me. I wasn’t too involved in the writing community so I didn’t really know the wins and fails of other authors. As I began attending conferences and classes I would hear speakers say, “You may feel jealous or resentful when another author you know gets a big book deal.” That struck me as so odd. Why would I ever feel bitter toward another writer for achieving the dream? How immature! Isn’t that what we are all working our butts off for? …And then it happened to me. A few times. I witnessed a writer pal find an agent, get a book deal, reach the dream.

I was appalled at myself for feeling jealous. This isn’t me! I am happy for these writers! And I was. And I am! They have worked and slaved to get it right and they deserve to have the dream. But these thoughts do run through our minds. Why hasn’t my book been snatched up by an agent? When will I find a publisher?

It isn’t a competition. It isn’t. We are not on a team. We are not racing for a gold medal of which there is only one. We are artists, expressing stories that only we can express. NO one will ever write your book the way you will. Sure there are common trends and themes that get used a lot. But only you will write yours in the way you write it. 

The trick is to work on bettering your own writing and becoming your own personal best. Just because those around you have found success first doesn’t mean your day isn’t coming. It is. You can’t keep doing something over and over and not get better at it. And while you’re working at it, be supportive and excited for those you know whose work has finally paid off. You know what it’s like! It is hard! Give them their kudos!

If you keep working and maintain a positive attitude, your kudos will come as well. I promise. Be a good sport. Be a cheerleader for all writers. We are all contributing to the same pot!!

Setting Goals



Remember Bob? Paralyzed by fear of…well…everything? We can learn a thing or two from Bob Wiley because he faced his fears and overcame them. Hopefully we won’t need to be strapped to fifty tons of dynamite to learn how to get moving.

Let us examine. You sit down at your computer and turn it on. You are going to get a few hours of writing done, dag nab it! Even if it kills you. You notice your FB icon and you say to yourself, “I’ll just check really quick to see if there is anything I need to attend to. A half an hour later you are chatting online with your bestie three states away and you’ve accomplished nothing.

This kind of thing happens more often than you might think when a writer has an unfinished MS. I was at a writing group meeting once where we were discussing our writing habits. One guy said. “I have to stop finding excuses not to write and just sit down and start typing!”

Writing can be really hard. Writer’s block sucks big time and we often feel overwhelmed by the task of completing a story and doing it well. Great writers everywhere have moments of doubt, believing they aren’t skilled enough to conquer the beast. This is when many of us chicken out and find something else to do. This is how books don’t get written.

SET GOALS. If you set goals for yourself and force yourself to stick to those goals you’ll be surprised at how much you get done, and you might actually finish that manuscript! Nothing good comes easy and as the saying goes “you get out of it what you put into it”. So stop making excuses and start setting goals. Your book wants to be done and your story wants to be told!!