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If you went ahead and started reading this anyway in spite of the title- first of all, good for you!! Second- the flower has nothing to do with anything. It’s orange, and orange grabs attention. Third- here is your assignment:

Write five “first sentences” for a new novel. It doesn’t matter what it is about. the idea is to see if you are learning or have learned how to hook a reader from the beginning. Try to make it unique or even a little off kilter. Disturbing is always good, but not too disturbing unless you are targeting a small audience of sociopaths…which…don’t.

Let it involve something that will tie into your story later as an integral part, or something a reader won’t expect to see in line one. This is a good exercise, and who knows…it may very well spark a novel!


Another Fabulous Webinar


I know that title may sound like I am being sarcastic, but I am not! Glad we cleared that up. Yet another really great and highly informative webinar begins through Writer’s Digest! Writing and selling Middle Grade fiction will be explored and explained! Check it out, folks!

Choosing A Conference


With the new year comes new writing conference opportunity s. If you’re serious about writing you should really try to attend a conference once a year. HOWEVER, make sure it is a conference that will gel with your current writing level. Don’t sign up for a pitch conference if you’re just beginning to write, and if you’ve been writing forever, don’t waste your time on a conference for beginners. Research your conference options before spending your money. Find out who will be there. Find out if those attending, teaching or hearing pitches are those who work in your genre.

Here are a few entities offering conferences on a regular basis:

Writer’s Digest

Algonkian Conferences

Romance Writers of America

Las Vegas Writer’s Conference

These are a few of many. Go! Check things out! Research and investigate!