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Why Don’t We Ever Learn?



So I lay in bed at night now and freak out because I went to see “The Conjuring”. Let’s discuss thrill seeking and how ridiculous it is. Human beings often do not learn from experience. Often we repeat actions that thrill us even if we’ve had a negative reaction to it. This means we are stupid. Depressing…I know.

I, like many out there, enjoy a quality ghost story. I am not a slasher fan. I want a plot and characters I can sympathize with or deeply loathe- much like my needs when searching for a good book. But here’s the thing: I see a movie advertised, looks super creepy (the thrill), and I say- usually out loud even if no one is there to hear or respond because that’s just the kind of guy (girl) I am- “Oooh I have got to see that!!”

Then recruitment begins. Other scary movie, thrill seeking cronies are contacted: “Hey, we gotta go see this movie- it looks horrifying.”

“Oh yeah we do!!”


So me and the BFF go to the theater, spend the entire (and I DO mean entire) movie in each other’s laps until the woman in front of us tells the BFF to stop kicking her chair every time she leaps forth in terror. BFF apologizes and we continue freaking out for the rest of…well, I could say the movie, but the freaking out has lasted for two weeks. This is where I ponder the human brain and its inability to learn from experience. We don’t ever touch a hot stove twice. We don’t usually go running around barefoot in snow once we figure out how blasted freezing it is. Why then is that that we dismiss the long lasting, crippling terror that follows watching a scary movie? I am a tired person! I need sleep! But I can’t sleep because I am also terrified…as I knew I would be…but I didn’t care…until I got home…alone…to what I am certain is a possessed house that one cannot possibly sleep in without getting killed.

Sad thing is, I know darn well I’ll do it again. Next time a good scary flick emerges, I’ll call the cronies. I’ll ignore the fact that I can’t handle it. Hey! Good stories are good stories- whether in movie form or book form or “old guy on the porch telling his life story” form. We love to be entertained. We love a good thrill. Which is why I will never  learn, nor will I ever sleep again.




Splitting Infinitives



Not so much like splitting a wooden door on a murderous rampage…but kind of. The ax used above can illustrate the level of annoyance felt by a queried agent or editor, or writing teacher…or reader…or critique groupies screaming “don’t use adverbs!!”

Listen, if getting an ax in the head, face or wherever it may land is a possibility you would rather eliminate permanently from your already challenging life, then please read the article below and follow the wisdom therein.

Wait-What? That’s Not A POLICE Song??



I know, right?? That is totally what I thought when I saw this article!! …Well…actually I just started singing the song in my head. “Just LIKE the- old MAN in- THAT book by Nabokov! da da da DON’T STAN!- DON’T STAN SO!” (Sorry. You know how I get…And it is TOO “Stan”. They say “stan” so get off my case.)

Anyway, we have this great concept from Vladimir Nabokov about how people think in images- not words. When I read that I thought “That is SO true!” We totally think in pictures!

Check this out- so helpful for those of us using words to tell stories!



ImageTutorials! When you hear the word tutorial you think of a “how to”- instructions- learning how to do something. This also applies to writing, you know. Writing is an art- something you must learn how to do well (unless you never want to sell anything and have your name smattered about as a horrific novelist.) If that is the goal then by all means stop reading and shut the computer down. If you don’t care to be smattered then click the link below to find some of Writer’s Digests great tutorials on writing. They won’t disappoint!