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I’ve Missed You! Did You Miss Me?



Sometimes life takes over, doesn’t it? Sometimes life railroads you, flattens you with a steamroller, backs over you again and then leaves like it doesn’t even care that you’ve been flattened…because it doesn’t…heartless steamroller.


Okay, from these hostile beginnings one might assume I have had a bad day. On the contrary. I have had a blissful day. (Yeah, blissful is a bit much). I’ve been busy and my day has simply been…peppy…productive. Let’s go with productive. (Can you tell I’m still spinning?) I am in full throes of BOOK TWO in the Miss Impractical Pants saga, trilogy, series, whatever it shall become. Never a dull moment here because…well…if you’ve read book one you know there are no dull moments. I am researching, writing, editing, scratching out, deleting, and rewriting, and the like and I love it. There are days when I hate it (even though secretly I still love it. But today was a “love” day and I thought I would include you in the glow. Though extremely challenging at times, writing is a joy. A true labor of love. Book two is on the rise, so hold on to yourselves! Here we go again!!

Twitter Rides Bumpers??



We’ve been here before…at least I think we have. If I haven’t expressed my fear of Twitter via this blog in the past…well…I just don’t have a good excuse.

The fact is from the moment I began the social networking, social media, “social online presence” thing the one site I feared most was Twitter. Why, you ask? Have you been there?? Holy hell it’s like jumping head first into L.A. rush hour traffic! Those people go ninety miles an hour riding each other’s bumpers willing death to collect them at any given moment! Twitter does the same thing! I pulled it up when I learned it was a “an author necessity”. At first I was a curious by stander. But it wasn’t long before I clapped a hand over my mouth, my eyes widening right out of my skull as a high speed frenzy of posted chatter rolled up the page like the ticker-tape thingy on Wall Street!

“I can’t handle this!” I cried in alarm. I just found this article by Jane Friedman that has given me solace. I DID acquire a Twitter account. I do make an occasional appearance-whilst running for my life screaming as I go- But Jane Friedman, bless her has given one author’s perspective on why it may not kill one’s writing career not to live there. Thank Heavens!




For the Love of All Things Patriotic



Yes, I know it sounds as though I will dive into a patriotic theme or tribute…perhaps sing the Star Spangled Banner, Kiss a returning soldier…(hmm…that one I could do…)

While all these activities are honorable and worthy of my time(and yours) I am actually going to complain about traffic. Have you ever attended a fireworks show? Of course you have! (If you haven’t, please don’t admit to it here. I haven’t the time to deal with your unpatriotic nature OR the resulting comments from those who will berate you for your unacceptable behavior).

Leaving a fireworks show is only doable if you are on foot or on a bike…or if you are fortunate enough to have “on demand” airlift services at your disposal. I wasn’t even at the fireworks show. I foolishly forgot about the uncontrollable mass chaos created by such an event when I volunteered to give someone a ride home precisely at 9:30 p.m. Yep. Could I possibly be more dense? I don’t think so. It was like Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale. Inconceivable masses of people migrated from the park. I had no idea there were this many people on the planet, and ALL of them decided to come HERE all at once. I have no doubt the earth shifted to the right, leaning haphazardly on it’s axis as the entire world congregated in this one tiny place.

I found myself wedged within a permanent traffic grid lock, cursing the roads, cars and the sheer stupidity of several drivers. I nearly ran out of gas. Not kidding. Evacuating for a hurricane came to mind- you know- folks parked on the highway running out of gas in an attempt to escape impending doom. Well, I wasn’t escaping impending doom. I attempting to escape the self induced prison of my own stupidity, chastising myself for willfully plunging right in the middle of madness. No one to blame but myself. It took me two hours to make a thirty minute trip.

Hopefully you all had a wonderful 4th of July. I love my country. I love the traditions we follow to celebrate our freedom. I think I just need to be more mindful of my own personal freedom when it comes to providing transportation during the celebrations. Either that, or I need to buy a helicopter.