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Marketing Doesn’t Have to Cost You Your Life Savings.



There are free ways to market your books. In today’s new digital world we are able to successfully self-publish our work without stigma and without ungodly amounts of cash. There are also several ways to market your work that won’t cost you a dime. This is fabulous news as most writers I know are not independently wealthy- myself included. I will be throwing out various marketing sites for your viewing pleasure periodically to give you all a one up on marketing your work and getting your name out there.

Book Goodies is suggestion numero uno:

I will suggest more as time passes. But by all means don’t wait on me! Start surfing! (…the net. I mean…if you wanna surf in water, that’s great…and I hope you have an ocean close by). But get online and start looking around. Like that groovy commercial out there with the shooting star says…”The more you know…”

Summer School!!


summer school


Now don’t freak out. For those of you who are newly out of school and are in a “Summer Vacation state of mind”- this isn’t homework!…Well…it kind of is…but we love writing. We DO. (We tell ourselves this daily as we beat our heads on our keyboards hoping to knock something that resembles good story telling out of our fried brains!)
Before we allow ourselves to get lazy, here are some fab writer’s arts and crafts for us to partake of…and even if you don’t partake, I know I’ve made your day just by posting this picture-greatest 80’s cheese movie ever. CHAINSAW!!!

The Unexpected Bonus- Review Additives and Preservatives



I had no idea once I published a book the reviews would end up being entertaining…an unexpected side bonus for sure. Now as an author I take my reviews seriously and I appreciate the people who take the time to write them. Even the poor reviews give me something to chew on. But occasionally- and I find this so intriguing :0) i receive a review that sounds as if it belongs right in the book itself. It’s kind of like having an “Alice in Wonderland Moment”. For example, this woman wasn’t too keen on Miss Impractical Pants, but she sounds like she belongs on the pages!.

“The euphemisms for the various parts of the body was most definitely inappropriate. The constant naming of inanimate objects was revolting.”


This woman sounds like she could BE in a Miss Impractical Pants book. Mr. Scott? Did you marry?

But hey- can’t go wrong with THIS review…

“OMG is all I can say about this book. It was slow to get into but as soon as Katie got to London the writing and story line took off like a bullet and didn’t hold back. This book is the most entertaining book I have read in a long time. I hated having to stop each night due only to exhaustion. Fantastic laugh out loud book!”

Now see…this is what it was intended to be, Mrs. Scott. It’s okay…it’s a fictional romantic comedy. Not Gone With the Wind. 

The sequel to Miss Impractical Pants is underway. It promises to be as revolting as the first one, so make sure you prepare yourself! I myself shall be working the new Mrs. Scott into the plot somewhere with lots of inappropriate body part scenes.


Now This Is Cool…


Autograph Book

Did you know that an author doesn’t have to be present to sign a book for you? Did you know that your favorite author can digitally sign your ebook?

Maybe you already knew this. But if you DIDN’T…look how cool! I attended a book signing where all the books sold were ebooks. The author was able to digitally sign copies at the event, but for those who didn’t have copies the option is still available once they buy one. You go to the Authorgraph website, look up the author and send an Authorgraph request. The author receives it and signs your ebook

Check this out!