Don’t Fall For It! Listen to the Animals!



Hello there my fine feathered friends. I realize I just assumed all of my readers are birds but really, this is just a figure of speech. Sometimes people don’t mean exactly what they say…a prelude into today’s very crucial topic!

I was discussing writing with a friend today. She brought up submitting your work to agents and publishers and asked “Does it cost anything to do that?”

Right off the bat the answer is “OMG are you kidding me no!”…well…that’s what I felt like saying anyway because I know the industry. But many new writers do not. Anyone going into any new field is a possible scam target. Writing is no different. It is the same as an actor looking for representation. The agent will take them on because he believes he can sell them at which point he will take a percentage. Literary agents work the same way. They will only represent you if they believe they can sell your work. They DO NOT charge you up front for services.


It has been a while since I thought about this as I learned it early on, but today’s little chat made me realize that I should probably pass it on to my bird friends…out there in the literary jungle about to be devoured by ravenous scammer tigers. They do too exist! Go check your neighborhood jungle!

A legitimate agency will never ask for money up front. Do your homework before submitting. You have given your sanity to create your story. Don’t turn it over to some fiendish wolf simply because they “LOVE your work and must sign you now.”


Study, read, write and keep trying. Eventually a reputable publisher will want your work. In the mean time stay clear of leering wolves asking for money (wolves don’t need cash- he’s an obvious impostor) and wear ravenous tiger repellent at all times.

About Katie Thayne, Author

Katie Thayne (that's me, kind of, seeing as how Katie Thayne is a pen name) is an up and coming author (or so I'd like to think). I have just released my first book, Ms. Impractical Pants, and am currently working on its sequel. I don't have a name for that one yet, so let's just call it Sequel for now. If I'm not working on Sequel, I'm scratching down ideas for the other half dozen or so book ideas swirling around in my brain. Okay, that's a lie, I don't write them down as much as I should, but I still think them, so that should count for something, right? I live in beautiful Moab, Utah and when I'm not writing- on second thought, I won't go there. Let's pretend I sit in a quite office hunched over a keyboard and do nothing but write. The most important thing to know about me, is just because I write doesn't mean I can punctuate. That's why I have an editor- but not for this blogging stuff. Editors ain't cheap and I'm not J.K. Rowling...yet. But I hope that won't keep you from reading my blog.

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