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Why Would Anyone Purposely Do This??



Oh…because they are writers, that’s why! Only a writer has a line of cheerleaders saying “Destroy him! Ruin her life! Take everything that means anything to her and thrash it to pieces!”


I know this sounds brutal, but human beings are twisted. We get excited by conflict and we love it in our entertainment. Stephen King said “Ask yourself ‘what is the worst thing that can possibly happen?’ and then do it.”

This fabulous entry on the great WD tells us how to do this. Read on…


Creating emotional frustration is

No Travel Funds for Conferences?



Writer’s Digest offers many webinars on writing, editing, agent hunting, marketing, crocheting, mollusk diving, (okay, so they don’t do the last two…hell, maybe they do). But they DO offer the other stuff I said, and it’s really good stuff.

We can’t always pull 1000.00 dollars out of the air to attend a great conference. But you can still gain valuable knowledge at home for far less money.

I Think That I Shall Never See…


I will thank the great poet, Joyce Kilmer for my opener. But I am not talking about trees. Nor do I feel that unending snow and cold weather are lovely. MY poem would go something like this…

“I think that I shall never see, a face as cross as the one on me.



It’s going to snow again, they say. I heard this news the other day. 

I packed my coats, I planted flowers. They’ll all be dead in a couple of hours.

The convertible top is down you know. The car will soon be filled with snow.


“Put it up, old fool!” you say. No! the snow won’t win today!

Just watch- in my flip flops I’ll go, strutting through three feet of snow.


Won’t get me down, won’t stop my Spring. I’ll simply just ignore the sting. 

A top the snow pile on my seat, I’ll start my car with purple feet.

My hair shall fly until it freezes. Disregard the coughs and sneezes. 

When I reach my destination, my face devoid of all sensation.


Folks will say, “That crazy coot.” But you’ll not see me in a boot.

For it may snow, the slush all clotty, all man kind may think me dotty.

But damn it- spring is here by gum! I’ll not let this spoil my fun! 

I’m running out of things to say. I’m tired, it’s late, I’ll hit the hay.

Until the summer comes to stay, I’ll fantasize it is mid May…and only God can make a tree! 




Are you one of those rare, independently wealthy writers who can snap up a flight to New York at a moments notice?…Wait…what?…there IS no such writer?? 

BUMMER. This April conference would have been so unbelievably awesome…GRIN. Check it out…it is worth it weight in a stellar book deal.


There’s a Reason They Call it Fiction




Harry Potter can ride a turbo broom and speak Snake. Bella falls in love with a hot ‘vegetarian’ vampire who isn’t, I repeat, IS NOT interested in getting a little piece of somethin’ somethin’. The salvation of Middle-Earth is dependent on a hobbit, Frodo Baggins, who must risk his life to destroy a naughty ring. To the best of my knowledge, no one has ever smacked the crap out of Ramona Quimby. Jane Austen’s most despicable villain has better manners than any man I’ve ever met.

And I’ve been told my book is unrealistic? …I’m confused.  

A Critical Component to Becoming a Good Writer


A wonderful bit of advice from the fabulous Jane Friedman
Girl's Trip

Why Writers Should Attend Conferences + 5 Ways to Benefit More From Them

The Untapped Power of a Sports Bra


Pink sports brablue sporst braBlack sports bra

Is it really that weird? I think not. Whilst attending my writing group a new member asked us to divulge what we all do just prior to writing. “What motivates you to get started right before you sit down to your computer?”

The responses were many, and varied – “I swim laps.” “I listen to music.” “I find every excuse in the book NOT to sit down and write.”

These are all believable motivators (or procrastinations…which ever applies). We writers are many! We are unique! Different things set off different minds, which is why I don’t understand why everyone laughed when I said “I put on a sports bra.”


Now, let’s analyze this scenario. I am Katie Thayne. I do not do things in a usual fashion, in fact I usually do things the hard way – planned or not. It’s just how I roll – planned or not. Fact is I don’t have a lot to do with how or why my mind does what it does, it just does its thing and I follow along because, really what choice do I have.

I put on a sports bra to illicit creativity! That’s what I do! You cannot fathom the inspiration a tight fitting, padded spandex/polyester blend binding the bosom forthwith can do to open the imagination!

If you don’t believe me I implore you to try it – men and women alike! If it does nothing for you…well, you’re just weird.