Katie Thayne – Novelist/Brazillian Wax Etraordinaire!


waxNo scream cream

So, I’m working on Katie’s second adventure and the Brazilian wax topic comes up (among the characters). Being a responsible author, I feel duty bound to research EVERYTHING about Brazilian waxing. Naturally, I turn to Youtube. I prep myself to see things I never, want to see again in my life and click play. Apparently, the video is graphic enough to require an email sign in. I’m an adult, no big deal right? I sign in, get through the first how-to, move on to the next, then the next. At some point during the third video I notice at the top of the page the email address I used is attached to my company’s professional Youtube Page.
Thunk! That’s the sound my heart made when it hit the floor.
Can’t wait for the on-the-ball marketing department, to check the Youtube history. Is it too much to hope they’ll find it a pleasant surprise?

About Katie Thayne, Author

Katie Thayne (that's me, kind of, seeing as how Katie Thayne is a pen name) is an up and coming author (or so I'd like to think). I have just released my first book, Ms. Impractical Pants, and am currently working on its sequel. I don't have a name for that one yet, so let's just call it Sequel for now. If I'm not working on Sequel, I'm scratching down ideas for the other half dozen or so book ideas swirling around in my brain. Okay, that's a lie, I don't write them down as much as I should, but I still think them, so that should count for something, right? I live in beautiful Moab, Utah and when I'm not writing- on second thought, I won't go there. Let's pretend I sit in a quite office hunched over a keyboard and do nothing but write. The most important thing to know about me, is just because I write doesn't mean I can punctuate. That's why I have an editor- but not for this blogging stuff. Editors ain't cheap and I'm not J.K. Rowling...yet. But I hope that won't keep you from reading my blog.

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