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Ultra fabuloso conferences coming up



“Attend at least one a year” they say. And though I am still uncertain exactly who “they” are – it is great advice if you are truly wanting a career in writing. Here are a few scrumptious nuggets rolling our way…

Writer’s Digest Conference East:

Need something a little closer to home? 

Write Here in Ephraim:

How about something in the middle? Webinars are great!

WD webinar – Find Fix and Finesse your Plot into a Winning Idea:




Katie Thayne – Novelist/Brazillian Wax Etraordinaire!


waxNo scream cream

So, I’m working on Katie’s second adventure and the Brazilian wax topic comes up (among the characters). Being a responsible author, I feel duty bound to research EVERYTHING about Brazilian waxing. Naturally, I turn to Youtube. I prep myself to see things I never, want to see again in my life and click play. Apparently, the video is graphic enough to require an email sign in. I’m an adult, no big deal right? I sign in, get through the first how-to, move on to the next, then the next. At some point during the third video I notice at the top of the page the email address I used is attached to my company’s professional Youtube Page.
Thunk! That’s the sound my heart made when it hit the floor.
Can’t wait for the on-the-ball marketing department, to check the Youtube history. Is it too much to hope they’ll find it a pleasant surprise?

When an Editor Edits Too Much

This is a truly great article on…well, anything editing and publishing. Give it a looksee!
Write Better, Get Published, Be Creative |
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EEEK!! Sorry…took myself by surprise there glancing at this EVIL, WICKED, MEAN witch. These words conjure up certain images like this one, don’t they?…exactly the image I saw when reading D. Klug’s review of Miss Impractical pants. BOOO D. Klug! …oh no. Not sayin’ what he said. For that you must go to Amazon and see for yourself what Good ol’ Klug (melodious name) had to say.


I am happy to report that there are only two boos from the gallery. Miss Impractical Pants has numerous stellar reviews! )I mean come on…I am stellar! A magnet for the unfortunate, maybe, yes. But stellar for sure…duh!)

Waste no time. Go! Scamper off to Impractical Land to find evil Klug! (and check out the book, of course!)


Social Media Whadda??


Okay, I have avoided it as long as I possibly can. Social Media! Social Media! Get out there! You must have 9,874 billion on-line platforms to be successful!

I am sorry, but that is a lot of platforms. I do not have time to cater to such nonsense. Okay, so you don’t need 9,874. But apparently it helps to have a few. Here’s the problem…I am a social

networking loser!!





I will be stumbling through my social networking attempt banging into walls and grasping desperately at vines to hold me up! (Are there vines? There should be vines.) Stay with me people. If nothing else it should be entertaining. Even if it is at my expense.